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Matlab is a popular Upazila of Chandpur district. River sided area of Bangladesh which contains largest river sided port, Fish research center. Meghna river with Dhanagoda dam. Hilsa fish of these area are well known. ICDDRB, Matlab is well known hospital.


Important unions and places: Sujatpur Bazaar , Ludhua, Amtoli, Nondolalpur, Saheb Bazar, Holudia chor, Chengachor, Abur Kandi, Amuakandi, Boro Ani, Kinar Chok, Thedalia, Mustafapur. Postal code nearly – 3640


Travel from Dhaka: Can be reached from Dhaka by bus. Non stop express. Can be reached by Launch from Sadarghat Dhaka.

Map of Matlab Upazila Chandpur Bangladesh

matlab map

Statistics: People – 445607, Literate people – 61.4%, Male – 49.31%, Female 50.69%; Muslims 89.97%, Hindus 9.21% and others 0.82%.

Agricultural Contribution: Paddy, potato, wheat,  jute, mustard seed & sesame.

Fruits: Mango, jackfruit, papaya, black berry, guava, amrul, jamrul and kamranga.

Historical Places: Neelkuthi – Munsifdi, homestead of the zamindar – Ludhua and Baraduara – Kashimpur.

School College: Boalia High School, Charkalia High School,  Matlab J B Pilot High School, Matlab Girl’s High School, Aushinpur High School, Kachiara High School, Narayanpur High School, Chengarchar High School, Ludhua High School, Matlab Degree College.

Hotel Motel: Very few at Matlab Bazaar. No motels found.

Request: We need your help. If you are from Matlab Thana and know well about your area please inform us. We will be glad to share your knowledge. Inform us about hotel, motel, travel location, tourism place, business, people, school, college, recent developemt etc.

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